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Not priced right:

If you’re creating a lot of foot traffic for your house,
and no offers come in, it’s probably a price issue

Priced Right:

If the home is priced right (other houses in the immediate area with similar finishes and amenities are selling in the same price range), then you probably need to improve your marketing.

The Agent’s Marketing Background and why it Matters:

Generally, the cost to market a house is paid by the agent. Many agents don’t know more than the traditional marketing approach they were shown when they started in real estate.  The majority of real estate agents don’t have a marketing background. That could be a problem when a listing is getting stale and needs a change in marketing methods. That’s also why so many sellers switch agents as soon as the contract expires on an unsold house.

There are different levels of marketing that could be utilized for any property. Some agents list in the MLS and hope for the best. If priced right, appearing in the MLS may be all that’s needed. But as with most properties, marketing through multiple channels BEYOND the MLS and portals (Zillow, Trulia, etc.) could make the difference of your house being sold, or your house sitting on the market and becoming a stale listing.

Will you have to lower the price?      

Hopefully, price isn’t being used as the primary marketing tool. I don't want to confuse those who think their $200K house is worth $700K; pricing your property correctly is the most important starting factor to get right. If the price is correct, then you must look to high level marketing methods and the marketing channels being used to sell for the high end of your price range.

The market dictates what your house is worth. However, with a priced right listing that has become stale, or a special situation property, marketing beyond the basics should be attempted first, before lowering the price again.

An EXTREME example that can happen to anyone:

I recently met with a man who cut his asking price in half since his initial listing. He’s been through four or five agents during that time. He’s now trying to sell his property on his own.


Landlocked with a lot of acres for the area. Value is primarily in the land. Home is older, and under 1,000 Sq. Ft.

Builders would be interested in his property, but for now, this property has an issue that prevents builder development (not a permanent blockage).

Traditional Marketing won’t be enough to get this property sold. You need to find a match for this property that’s almost certainly going to come from marketing beyond a simple MLS listing and traditional advertising.

Is your house going to sell?
When the property is priced right, you need to ask whether you think that continuing to do what has already been done will produce a qualified buyer for your property? If the answer is no or unlikely, then a change in the marketing program needs to be made now. Further waiting (beyond normal absorption rate) just makes buyers think that something may be wrong with the house.

If you have any questions about marketing strategies, send me an

If you need assistance selling your property, feel free to contact me. I have been involved in behind the scenes marketing on behalf of specific brokers of properties that failed to sell using traditional marketing methods. In each instance, my marketing methods (beyond the MLS) attracted buyers. As of March 2016, I'm now a resident of North Port, FL, love living here, and have decided to work with sellers out front vs behind the scenes on behalf of other brokers/agents. I'm the guy that some brokers call when their marketing efforts fail to sell. Great advantage for you. Call me to discuss your property objectives. Phone: 941-882-5494 Ext 701

P.S. If you have a priced right property that isn’t selling, don’t wait, call me now to discuss your options so that you can move from seller to sold!